Symptoms: Although the installation of the latest version (8.1) of Yahoo messenger on your brand new Windows Vista system went without a problem, you can not use it ! When launching Yahoo messenger, it starts and then stops without connecting. The little smiley face goes from “smiley” to back to sleep without reason. No error message, no explanation.

Solution:this is linked with the firewall of windows Vista. Contrarily to Windows XP, Windows Vista’s firewall blocks inbound and outbound connections, except specified exceptions (which are quite well defined and efficiently automatically managed, I must say).

In this case, it blocks the connection of Yahoo messenger, and you must manually configure it to allow it. The installation program of Yahoo messenger does not do it itself.

so, from the “Start” menu, open “Control Panel” –> Administrative tools. Right-click “Windows Firewall with advanced security” and click “Run as administrator”. Enter the administrator password when asked to.

Right-click “Outbound rules”, and click “new rule”. The “new outbound rule wizard” starts.  First screen, select “Port” when asked what type of rule you wouldn like to create.

Second screen, set that this rule applies to “TCP”, and that it applies to the following specific local ports: 20, 23, 25, 80, 119, 5050, 8001, 8002. (Write the port numbers in the specific local port field)

Third screen, select “Allow the connection” (because after all, that is what you want to do !).

Forth screen, just click “next”, the default are ok.

Fifth and last screen, choose a name for this new rule. A fancy & cool name is “de rigueur” ! Click finish.

Done, your new rule is defined. It should now appear in the outbound rules list. If you double-click on it and select the “Protocol and ports” tab, it should look like this: