Here is 1 anti-virus software I would recommend for every home user. No need to pay fo anti-virus software, you have this one free here, efficient, with free updates, and it is regularly updated.

It is called Avira Antivir personal edition classic, and you can download it from here, and also pay a visit to the company’s web site at

What does it do ?

– Protection against viruses, worms and trojans.

– Protection against expensive dialers and phishing.

– detect and delete rootkits.


– Automatic updates on schedule. It also reminds you when it has not been updated for more than 3 days.

– Full computer scan on schedule.

The range of viruses it detects and cleans is raisonnably large. I have been using it for several years at home without any problems.

It does not use much system ressources.

Want more ?

As it does not offer a centralized management solution, I would not recommend it for businesses, unless you have only 1 computer in your business.

But the company also proposes paying business solution, which I think are worth a look.

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