(See master post about migration from Outlook)

In this case, the set-up does not differ from a usual setup, except for 3 points that must be performed:

1- Install the migration tools

During Lotus Notes setup, when required to choose which components to install, install the migration from Exchange feature.


2- Set up local replica

Set up a local replica of the user’s mailbox on the user’s computer, in the “lotus\notes\data\mail” folder.

3- Copy template to local folder

In order for the migration to succeed later on, copy the common template for mail databases to the local folder (“Lotus\notes\data”) on the user’ computer.

If your organization is using Domino web mail access, then the template is inotes6.ntf and it can be found in the “lotus\domino\data” folder on your domino server.

Otherwise, you can use the mail6.ntf template, which you can find in the “lotus\domino\data” folder on your domino server.