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While logged on as the user, open a command prompt, go the Lotus Notes install folder (C:\program files\lotus\notes ?) and launch the following command “nupgrade 3”

The “Lotus notes Upgrade wizard” starts. Click “Next” at the first screen.

Then, select the profile (there should be only one) and click “Next” again.

Choose the “Custom mode” and click next.

Select “Personal folders” (and not “Outlook contacts and PAB”) and click next.

In the “personal folder conversion option, set the template name by browsing to the template file that you should already have saved on your hard drive.

Also set the folder to which you want the database to be created. the “lotus\notes\data\mail” folder is fine for this.

click “Next”.


Then click “Finish” to start the upgrade.

A Lotus Notes mail file called “a_PersonalFolder.nsf” should be created in the folder you designated.

When told that “The upgrade process completed successfully”, click “OK” then “Exit”