The way to easily convert an Outlook mailbox to a Lotus Notes mailbox seems to be easy when described by Lotus tech support. You can find it here.

However, in my opinion this is a bit dry… What to do before that ? And, especially, what to do after, to present the user with a ready to use converted mailbox, not something that looks like a dump bag in which you just threw the e-mail that were in the Outlook mailbox.

This way of proceeding is acceptable when converting 1 user at a time. When you have several dozens or hundreds of users to convert, like for a whole company migration, a third party utility might be more useful…

The way I usually proceed goes through several steps: (Click the step in question for details)

1- Create a new Lotus Notes user account and mailbox for the user.

2- On the user’s computer, set-up Lotus Notes wit the required options.

3- On the user’s computer, import the mailbox into Outlook and set up Outlook as the default mail client.

4- Convert the Outlook mailbox to Lotus Notes mailbox using nupgrade 3.

5- Transfer content of the created mailbox (“a_PersonalsFolders.nsf”) to the local replica mailbox through mail archiving.

6- Delete the created mailbox (“”a_PersonalsFolders.nsf”). Close Lotus Notes, un-install Outlook, and set Lotus notes to the default mail client when launching it again.