I made a post about WOL – Wake up On LAN – a while ago.

Now, here is how to shutdown all your clients remotely, at once. You can do this by using a script.

You can download this script from here. It also contains a script to wake all your clients at once using WOL – Wake up On LAN – as was discussed in a previous post.

Extract it, then run the executable and specify that you want the files copied to your “Program Files” folder, then, in “Clientlist.txt”, put the hostname and Mac address of each client, separated by a tab.

How to use it ?

If you are logged on as an administrator (administrator for both local and remote computers), you can launch “RemoteClientShutDown.bat” directly.

If you are not logged as an administrator (administrator for both local and remote computers), you must use “Launch Remote Client Shutdown as administrator.bat” and provide the administrator password to launch the RemoteClientShutDown.

You must know the administrator password to use this script, because it will not be possible to shut down the client computers remotely without providing the administrator password (administrator for both local and remote computers). This is a security default in Windows.

Then, at the prompt, type the name of the client computer that you wish to shut down remotely. Type “All” if you want to shut down all computers.

You can also launch [RemoteClientShutDown ClientList.txt ] from the command line, where ClientList.txt is a tab separated list of your clients. Again, you will need to be logged on as administrator (administrator for both local and remote computers).

The script will first check if somebody is logged on to the computer. If nobody is logged on, it will shut down the computer and report.

If you order it to shut down all computers, it will shut down all computers to which nobody is logged on, and report.


This script uses psloggedon and psshutdown from Sysinternals. Those 2 applets are part of the excellent PSTool suite.

Learn more by paying a visit to Sysinternals PSTool site