– When you want to connect to a Citrix server with the Citrix ICA Web client, the client starts to connect, but then the connection aborts in the middle of the process.

– Although you installed the Citrix ICA Web client, and the C:\Program Files\Citrix\icaweb32 folder exists, Citrix ICA Web client does not appear in the programs list on “Add or Remove programs”.

Check your Internet Explorer settings

Launch Internet Explorer, go to Tools –> Options –> Security.

Select “Trusted sites”. Set the security level to “Default”, ie low. Add the site you want to connect through the Citrix ICA web client to the list of trusted sites.

Re-install Citrix ICA Web client

First, delete the folder containing the citrix ICA Web Client files.

(Usually C:\Program Files\Citrix\icaweb32)

Then launch and complete the installation of the Citrix ICA web client.

Update registry settings

Download the following registry patch: here.

Extract it and rename it to a .reg file. Then, merge it to the registry (right-click and merge).

Restart your web browser and test if you can connect with the CITRIX ICA web client now.