When a Lotus Notes database mail file shows “Archive” contrary to “Mail,” you can run this code to change the design of the mailbox back to normal.

In lotus Notes, go to the menu “Create” –> Agent.

Close the small information window that appears. In the right pane, right combo box, select “LotusScript”. In the left pane, select “Initialize”.

Then, in the right pane again, copy the following code between “Sub initialize” and “End sub”:

Dim s As New NotesSession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim doc As NotesDocument
Set db = s.currentdatabase
Set doc=db.GetProfileDocument(”archive database profile”)
doc.ArchiveDatabase = “0″
Call Doc.Save(True,True)

It should look like this:


Close the agent and answer “Yes” when asked if you want to save it.

Go to “Actions” –> click “Untitled” . Done, the mailbox is back to a normal mailbox design.

Go to “View” –> click “Agent”. In the tab that appears, look for a line starting with “Untitled”. Right-click on it, click “Delete” and confirm. Close the tab.