When archiving mail, the process is said to have completed successfully, but the folders are not replicated. You can not find the folders in the archive, and you can not see the mails that were stored in those folders and that was archived, unless you look in the “all documents” view. Also, the sum of the newly created archive mail box and the main mail box file sizes is equal (more or less) with the size of the mail box before archiving.

Apparently, no data has been lost, but the information on how to organize the data seems to have disappeared.

1- Open the main mail database in Lotus Notes mail client, select folder, then menu “action” –> upgrade folder design. Process with the folder design upgrade.

2- Open Domino designer. Open both databases, the main and the archive databases.
In the main database, go to “folders”. In the menu “edit”–> “Select all”, then “copy”.

3- In the archive database, go to “folders”, select “folders”. In the menu “edit”–> “paste”. Answer “Yes” to the next dialog box.

3- Close domino designer

4- In Lotus Notes mail Client, close and re-open both databases. The folder structure should be in place in the archive database, with mails visible in the appropriate folder.
Applies to:

Lotus Notes client 5 and 6