It may happen that under windows XP, a volume said to have been formatted in FAT 32 (and recognized as FAT 32 by Windows XP) is not recognized a FAT 32 by other operating system like DOS (which considers it as FAT 16).

In that case:

-Back up data that might be on the computer, because you may need to delete partitions from now.

– Delete the partition causing trouble. Extended partitions next to this partition might be part of the problem. Delete them too. Restart the computer.

– Create a new partition without formatting it in the move, then restart the computer.

– Format the partition as FAT 32, but not from the computer management console / disk manager. Instead, go to “my computer”, right-click on the volume that you want to format, select “format…” and launch a full format of the disk. Restart the computer after completion.

– Start using the newly formatted drive.