You might find yourself in a situation where a Lotus Notes user ID has been lost or corrupted and no backup is available, or a user has forgotten his/her password.

In both case the result is the same: the user ID is unusable, and, as there is no backup, you must create a new one in order to restore the user’s access to resources.

You must register the user again. That way, a new user ID will be issued. This new ID will give access to the mail file.

You need administrator access to the Domino server on which the user is registered to do that.

1- On the server, open the Lotus Domino directory (where all users are registered), open the missing ID person information sheet.

Here, you need to take a backup of a few data. Print the missing ID person information sheet for reference. Also, copy the Internet Password (encrypted version) of this person and paste it to a text document.

2- Start the registration process. Register a new person with exactly the same first name, middle name and last name (check with the printed person information sheet). Take care of the following points:

– Basic tab: Same first name, middle name and last name. Same registration server. Check “create a notes id for this person”. Mail system: none.

– ID info tab: security setting = international.

-Make sure to create a notes ID on the server and/or in a specified folder.

3- Register the person. Answer “yes” when asked if you want to update the person information.

4- Once the person has been registered, go to the person information sheet in the domino directory. There, change the mail system from “None” to “Notes”. Check with the printed version of the person’s information sheet, and confirm that all user parameters are the same as before. Copy the Internet Password (encrypted version) back to the user information sheet from the text document you copied it to.

5- Done. A new user ID has been produced, and the user can use it to authenticate and access resources.