Symptoms: Users complain that some e-mails in Japanese are just unreadable, made of characters that are even not letters.

Cause: this may have to do with

1- the OS not supporting east-Asians languages.

2- the default fonts not being set-up properly in the Lotus Notes mail client.


1- Set up support for East Asian languages in the OS.

See here for details.

2- Open Lotus Notes, go to File –> Preferences –> User Preferences. In the “Basic” tab, click “Default fonts”.

Set default Serif font –> MS PMincho

default Sans Serif font –> MS PGothic

default Monospace font –> MS PGothic

default multilingual font –> Arial

Restart Lotus Notes.

Systems: Lotus Notes 6.5, Lotus Notes 5, Windows 2000, Windows XP.