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Symptoms: Although the installation of the latest version (8.1) of Yahoo messenger on your brand new Windows Vista system went without a problem, you can not use it ! When launching Yahoo messenger, it starts and then stops without connecting. The little smiley face goes from “smiley” to back to sleep without reason. No error message, no explanation.


After you remove an application to record CD-ROM / DVD from your computer, you are unable to acces your CD-ROM / DVD drive. It does even not appear in “my computer” anymore !

In “device manager”, the device is marked with a warning sign, and its properties indicate that “Windows could not load the device driver. It might be missing or corrupted (error code 39)”.


For a few days, you have been looking at your home computer with worried eyes : it is slow, unreasonably slow, error messages appear at random but rather often, Internet Explorer windows pop up without notice, showing ads for services you would not dare to explain to your mother… Even the mouse is slow to move.

A bit like if someone else what using the computer, but not you… Well, it may be what is actually happening. It looks like if your computer has been attacked and, indeed, submerged by a hord of viruses, trojans and other malware. It is time to act…


Your computer is runing windows2000 or an earlier version, and there are no firewall installed. Or you are using windows XP or Vista, and you do not really trust the built-in firewall and you would like something more secure.

A good, free solution might be ZoneAlarm from CheckPoint


Here is 1 anti-virus software I would recommend for every home user. No need to pay fo anti-virus software, you have this one free here, efficient, with free updates, and it is regularly updated.


I just found those 2 sites that are full of freeware applications ready to download. The array of choice is very large, the quality is very good.



Have a look !